Litigaze launches free tools for lawyers with Probability Law

Date posted: 
June 1, 2021

Litigaze has launched Probability Law, a website with free information and tools to help lawyers understand and apply probabilities.

Probability Law has been designed to help lawyers move beyond giving vague "it depends" answers when their clients are facing uncertain legal outcomes.

Speaking about the new initiative Litigaze founder and lawyer, Len Hickey, emphasized the key benefits for both lawyers and clients:

"Using probabilities to express likelihoods has big advantages for lawyers and clients. It avoids pitfalls and confusion around vague words like 'good chances', 'reasonable prospects' and the like.

Probabilities also let lawyers provide much more sophisticated prospects advice, that shows clients how complex uncertainties fit together to affect chances overall."

The site provides information highlighting the problems with word-based approaches, and collates studies from other fields offering empirical evidence for the advantages of using numeric probabilities.

Lawyers can access the totally free tools at Probability Law to start putting probabilities into practice quickly and confidently.

Litigaze plans to further develop Probability Law to foster a community of like-minded lawyers committed to improving legal services delivery through the use of numeric and visual tools to solve complex legal problems.

Check out Probability Law →